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If you're a regular runner, you must know that fluid consumption is vital during the race. But what is the right way to drink water? Take a look at some useful recommendations from the doctors at Hospital of Special Surgery - Sports Performance & Rehabilitation Department (New York, USA). Training plans Nutrition plans Fluid plan What's left is to register for Salonpas HCMC Marathon 2021 so you can put all you've trained for into an actual race.

For those who play sports, especially running, food consumption is more than just pure nutrients, it’s the energy that keeps your body running for hours and hours. But there’s always some level of uncertainty between runners about what to eat? and when to eat while training. When you’re training for a long-distance race, you should know how to adapt your diet so that your body have enough fuel to run. Below is a recommendation for runner’s nutrition plan suggested by Professional

Rainy season is coming, It's so inconvenient and quite dangerous for runners to practice under this weather.How about running on treadmill on these days? Another way to train is safe, yet still effective. For full-marathon runners with results of under 5 hours at previous races, if you want to improve and challenge yourself, here's an indoor training plan to enhance your speed and endurance to break a 4:30-hour-marathon. Let's use this plan on rainy days to keep practicing and conquer sub 4:30-hour marathon