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To have the highest efficiency running, we must have a scientifically right approach, regular, not outrageous to ensure both avoid injury and keep our passion for running. HERE ARE 5 TIPS TO BE AN INJURY-FREE RUNNER:   Get strong Do 2-3 days/ week of strength trainingIt’s proven to improve running performance and can reduce injuries. Focus on glutes and hamstrings  Get long Pre- and post-run stretching is very important in helping prevent injury, also improve your performance  Get gear Make sure that your trainers are not worn out and

Have you ever found yourselves out of breath quickly while jogging? This usually means that your pace is too fast. But it can also be due to inefficient breathing. Follow these breathing tips to take your running to the next level. 1️⃣ Breath through your mouth or both your mouth and nose Don’t just breath through your nose. Breathing through your nose does not allow you to get enough oxygen. It also makes you tense and your jaw tight. 2️⃣ Develop an alternating

Here are some simple tips to keep in mind to get to the starting line properly fueled and confident. 5-day before race day You can begin carb-loading as early as five days prior by adding in more pastas and starches (low glycemic index foods) to your diet throughout the week. These foods are quick to digest and don’t often contain the fiber which has been known to cause GI* distress as the mileage piles up. Remember, eating too much more than you