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Have you ever found yourselves out of breath quickly while jogging? This usually means that your pace is too fast. But it can also be due to inefficient breathing.

Follow these breathing tips to take your running to the next level.

1️⃣ Breath through your mouth or both your mouth and nose Don’t just breath through your nose. Breathing through your nose does not allow you to get enough oxygen. It also makes you tense and your jaw tight.

2️⃣ Develop an alternating pattern of breathing so you don’t always exhale on the same foot. Rhythm and breath. Ensuring a steady rhythm can help you conquer your running. This way, the impact stress of running will be shared equally across both sides of your body.

3:3 – This rhythm count is good for a beginner. Three steps: Left-Right-Left and breathe IN. Right-Left-Right and breathe OUT.

2:2 – The standard rhythm usually used by marathoners. Two steps: Right-Left and breathe IN. Right-Left and breathe OUT.

3:2 – An irregular or odd-numbered rhythm counts such as 3:2 and 2:1 is more effective in preventing injuries because you’re alternating between landing on your left and right foot.

3️⃣ Take deep belly breaths. When you run you should breathe with your belly and not your chest. Your belly should move more than your chest.

👍 Let’s practice breathing to run better