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Feeling a bit sore after running is not uncommon, but if you commonly experience pain after a long run, then your posture may be to blame.

Source: Runner’s World


What is the connection?

Slouching is a common habit and condition among people. When you’re in a slouched position, your spine is flexed. Over time, this causes strain to the muscles in your neck and shoulders. Moreover, slouching is also associated with a posterior pelvic tilt, which causes a reduction in the normal lumbar curve that increases your risk of developing low back pain.

Poor posture gradually overloads the vertebral discs and ligaments which can lead to pain and injury. As runners pound out kilometers over kilometers, this creates even more pain and dysfunction to the musculoskeletal system.

Advice for a happy back

As simple as it sounds, first work on your posture!

Be very critical of your running posture. Correcting your posture initially may actually cause some pain as the muscles will be utilized in a way that they aren’t used to. Persistence is crucial if you want to eliminate pain permanently and decrease your risk of future or further injury and pain.


After that, It is essential to do at least some strength and flexibility training along with running. We call this cross-training. When we study successful professional or elite runners, most of them do some other complementary training such as yoga, weight training, swimming, or some combination.


New runners, runners training for a marathon for the first time, or any runner who develops back pain, should seek evaluation and care by a chiropractor and or physiotherapist who specializes in treating and counseling runners.

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